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なりに as “in one’s own way/style”

なりに as “in one’s own way/style”

なりに is a grammar form used directly after NOUN words to mean “in NOUN’s own way/style.” It is used when that way or style can be emphasized for the situation. The particle に is a part of this construction as verb actions usually follow the grammar pattern, however the alternative なりの form used to modify nouns also exists.


Boku wa boku nari ni jinseikan wo motte iru.
(I have my own way of viewing life.)

Jibun nari ni kokomade ganbatte kita.
(Up to this point, I have worked hard in my own special way.)

Ano keiken wa risouteki jyanakatta ga sore nari ni kachi ga atta.
(That experience was not ideal, but it had value in and of itself.)

Kanojo wa oya no iinari ni natte kita hito desu.
(She’s someone who has lived exactly the way her parents have told her to.)

Neko wa neko nari no aijyou hyougen wo suru.
(Cats have their own way of showing affection.)