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Comparing 3 or More Objects/Entities (XとYとZとでは、Xが一番A)

Comparing 3 or More Objects/Entities (XとYとZとでは、Xが一番A)

(Among X, Y, Z… …etc., X is the most A.)

*When comparing two entities, we always use the phrase どちらの方 regardless of the nature of the comparison, but with comparisons amongst more than two entities, we use the respective WH Question Word.

だれ is used for people, in a plain manner.
どなた is used for people, in a polite manner.
どこ is used for places.
どれ is used for things in general.


MMORPG to FPS to MOBA to de ha, dore ga ichiban tanoshii desuka.
(Among MMORPG, FPS, and MOBA games, which is the most fun?)

神様とゴジラ様と鹿目 まどか様とではどなたが一番好きですか。
Kami-sama to Gojira-sama to Kaname Madoka-sama, donata ga ichiban suki desuka.
(Among God, Godzilla, and Kaname Madoka, who do you like the most?)

*Notice the presence of polite speech due to the necessity for respects towards God, Godzilla and Kaname Madoka.

New York to Paris to Tokyo to de ha, doko ga ichiban kirei desuka
(Among New York, Paris, and Tokyo, which place is the most beautiful? )

*Notice the difference between English and Japanese in that in English the WH Question Word “which” is used for even locations, but in Japanese “どこ” remains as the appropriate WH Question Word.

Comparisons (in a select group):

Instead of listing individual options to be chosen from, one can refer to the most A entity, X, of a category, Y, of entities with one or more similar traits. The construct Y の中で is used in this form. In this case, the WH Question Word “どれ” is replaced by “何 (なに)” because there is no longer a list of options to choose from. “だれ”, “どなた”, and “どこ” retain their regular usage.


Anime no naka de, nani ga ichiban omoshiroi desuka.
(In anime, what [which] is the most interesting?)

Candy no naka de, nani ga ichiban suki desuka.
(Of candy, what [which] do you like most?)