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Dictionary-Form-VERB + べき as “should do VERB”

Dictionary-Form-VERB + べき as “should do VERB”

This grammar pattern is used to express the speaker’s judgment that a certain entity should perform a certain verb, VERB. In this construction, the VERB used with べき is not conjugated from it’s Dictionary Form, and instead, the respective conjugation of です right after べき denotes the aspect/tense. When used with the verb する, this construction can become either するべき or すべき, both of which are perfectly grammatically acceptable with するべき being the more conversational common.


George Washington ni ayamaru beki da.
(You should apologize to George Washington.)

Kyou no suru beki koto wa subete shita.
(I have done all the things I need to do today.)

Sono class o toru beki jyanakatta.
(I should not have taken that class.)