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NOUN + 次第 (だ/で) as “depends on NOUN”

NOUN + 次第 (だ/で) as “depends on NOUN”

The noun 次第 (しだい), which can translate to “dependent upon,” can be used with a NOUN to express that something is dependent upon said NOUN. This something can simply be another entity (in which case だ or です is used to close the statement), as well as an action, in which case the particle で follows after 次第 to connect to the verb phrase.


Raishuu no shiken no muzukashisa wa sensei shidai desu.
(How hard next week’s test is going to be depends on our teacher.)

Kono live wa kankyaku no energy shidai de nagaku nareru.
(This concert can go on long depending on the crowd’s energy.)

Tsugi no shiai ga kateru ka douka wa teamwork shidai da.
(Whether or not we can win the next match depends on our teamwork.)

Jibun no kangaekata wa hoka no hitobito no eikyou shidai fukaku naru.
(Your own way of thinking becomes deeper depending on the influence of other people.)