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Passive Form (Simple)

Passive Form (Simple)

The Japanese language has more than one version of Passive Form construction. The simple Passive Form is essentially identical to the Passive Form construction used in the English language in which the direct object or the indirect object of the Active Form of the sentence becomes instead the subject of the sentence, thereby making the sentence more “passive.”


Watashi wa “chijyou saikyou no otoko” to yobareru.
(I am called “the world’s strongest man.”)

Kono mise wa yoku shirarete iru.
(This shop is well known.)

Kinou senpai ni homerareta.
(Yesterday, I was praised by my senior.)

George Washington wa kanojo ni atama ga ii to iwareta.
(George Washington was told by her that he’s smart.)

Roommate ni sentaku o tanomareta.
(I was asked by my roommate to do the laundry.)