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X限り (かぎり),Y as “as far as X, Y”

X限り (かぎり),Y as “as far as X, Y”

With a different interpretation of 限り (かぎり)’s definition of “extent, limit, bound, etc.” it can also be used as a grammar pattern to mean “as far as X, Y.” This construction indicates the limit to which an action occurs. It is most commonly used with VERB words such as 知る (to know), 見る (to see), 理解する (to understand), to state one’s judgment upon something.


Boku no shitte iru kagiri, kanojyo hodo kawaii hito ga inai.
(“As far as I know, there’s nobody who’s as cute as her.”)

Watashi ga miru kagiri, kare wa ii shakaijin ni narimasu.
(“As far as I can tell, he’s going to become a functioning member of society.”)

Dekiru kagiri no enjyo o shimasu.
(“I’ll help you out as much as I can.”)