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White Family (SoftBank) CM #026. “Otou-san Travels” Japanese CM [with English subtitles]

White Family (SoftBank) CM #026. “Otou-san Travels” Japanese CM [with English subtitles]

“Otou-san Travels”

All across the country, surely, there are Free Friends I’ve never met before just waiting for me.
Where’d you wander off to?!
Ah, I’m sorry.
Oops, wrong bath.

Song (いい日旅立ち performed by 谷村新司):
帰らぬ人達 熱い胸をよぎる
[A burning feeling comes across my chest, for those who will never return]
せめて今日から一人きり 旅に出る
[At the very least, from today forth, I’m setting off on a journey all on my own]
ああ 日本のどこかに
[Aah, somewhere in this country]
[There’s someone waiting for me]
いい日旅立ち 夕焼けをさがしに
[A fine day to set off, in search of dusk…]
[Taking with me the songs I heard on my mother’s back…]

The White Family (白戸家) is an advertising campaign by the Japanese multinational telecommunications and Internet corporation SoftBank Group Corp. which features a white Hokkaido inu, Otou-san, as the father of a household.

More information about it can be read here:

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