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「Anime Vocabulary」 One Piece #760. (#WatchAnimeWithoutSubtitles Challenge)

「Anime Vocabulary」 One Piece #760. (#WatchAnimeWithoutSubtitles Challenge)

Welcome to Anime Vocabulary, our #WatchAnimeWithoutSubtitlesChallenge series! Each of these videos covers an individual episode of an anime series and presents a list of the stand-out vocabulary terms used in the episode that you need to know in order to understand the dialogue (in terms of vocabulary, at least, knowing grammar of course is another substantial part of the equation). So, take some time to study the vocabulary list presented at the beginning of the video and then continue onto the flash-card-style video quiz for a preliminary memory practice before you dive into the true test of watching the actual episode for the first time (or re-watch it) and try to recognize the words as they are spoken at a natural conversational pace! Follow along as we cover various anime series on an episode-by-episode basis, and even sometimes top off our entire coverage with two additional segments: the ten most common words used in an entire series of anime and all vocabulary terms used in an entire series of anime! Last but not least, leave a comment below or on any of our other social channels and let us know which one of your favorite anime series you’d like us to cover next!

Vocabulary List:

共闘 (きょうとう/kyōtō) – ‘joint struggle, common (united) front’
間もなく (まもなく/mamonaku) – ‘soon, before long, in a short time’
攻め立てる (せめたてる/semetateru) – ‘to make an incessant onslaught, to attack incessantly’
途切れる (とぎれる/togireru) – ‘to pause, to be interrupted’
戦闘員 (せんとういん/sentō in) – ‘combatant’
援軍 (えんぐん/engun) – ‘reinforcement’
侵入 (しんにゅう/shinnyū) – ‘penetration, invasion, raid, aggression, trespass’
阻止 (そし/soshi) – ‘obstruction, check, hindrance, prevention, interdiction’
圧倒 (あっとう/attō) – ‘overwhelm, overpower, overwhelming’
兵器 (へいき/heiki) – ‘arms, weapons, ordnance’
爆風 (ばくふう/bakufū) – ‘blast’
速度 (そくど/sokudo) – ‘speed, velocity, rate’
全滅 (ぜんめつ/zenmetsu) – ‘annihilation’
至る所 (いたるところ/itaru tokoro) – ‘everywhere, all over, throughout’
悲鳴 (ひめい/himei) – ‘shriek, scream’
叫び声 (さけびごえ/sakebigoe) – ‘shout, yell, scream’
身動き (みうごき/miugoki) – ‘moving about, stirring about’
侠客 (きょうかく/kyōkaku) – ‘self-styled humanitarian, chivalrous person’
拷問 (ごうもん/gōmon) – ‘torture’
無慈悲 (むじひ/mujihi) – ‘merciless, ruthless’
惨劇 (さんげき/sangeki) – ‘tragedy, tragic event’
予感 (よかん/yokan) – ‘presentiment, premonition’
廃墟 (はいきょ/haikyo) – ‘ruins, abandoned building’
門番 (もんばん/monban) – ‘gatekeeper’
見張り (みはり/mihari) – ‘watch-keeping, guard, lookout’
充満 (じゅうまん/jūman) – ‘being filled with, teeming with, pregnant with’
救い出す (すくいだす/sukuidasu) – ‘to rescue, to free’
瀬戸際 (せとぎわ/setogiwa) – ‘brink, critical moment’

*The vocabulary list provided above is likely a shortened version of the original. For the full-length vocabulary list file (with example sentences from the episode) that can also be imported into flash-card, studying applications such as Anki, refer below or to our Downloads section. 

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