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White Family (SoftBank) CM #064. “Surfing” Japanese CM [with English subtitles]

White Family (SoftBank) CM #064. “Surfing” Japanese CM [with English subtitles]


Say, how about we take a family trip to Hawaii?
Where’s this coming from?
Hawaii, huh…
Don’t mix people’s words up!
My apologies.
It should be fun! Hawaii!
Come on, let’s go back again!
「行ったことあるの? ハワイ」
You guys have gone before?
We went surfing there once.
Dad… Surfing..?
What’s so funny?!
Sorry, sorry.
He was pretty good at it too.
That was back when I was young and reckless.
He even had a nickname that everyone called him.
What was it?
The Sinbad of the Beach.
Even now, I’m still good Free Friends with them all.
Say what? You’re still talking to all those others?
[Clears throat]

The White Family (白戸家) is an advertising campaign by the Japanese multinational telecommunications and Internet corporation SoftBank Group Corp. which features a white Hokkaido inu, Otou-san, as the father of a household.

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Otosan, Japan’s top dog