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How-to say “all the more ____” with なおさら

How-to say “all the more ____” with なおさら

The grammar pattern 尚更 (なおさら) is used to add emphasis to positive and negative statements. Its most common translation is “all the more,” but it can also naturally translate to similar phrasings such as “even more,” “moreso,” and “much less” (the latter being the case of a negative statement).

*A helpful mnemonic device for remembering what this grammar pattern means is knowing the two kanji that make up the word 尚更, 尚 and 更. Both of these characters have the meaning of “more, further, furthermore.” So having “more” and “more,” two mores (it’s kind of like we have “all the mores”), that in and of itself should remind us of the meaning “all the more.” Another helpful connection is knowing what the common adverb word 今更 means, specifically how the 更 character (which is the same second character in 尚更) adds emphasis and changes 今 from meaning just “now” to “now, after all this time.” This emphasis of “all” or “now, moreso” can be helpful in remembering that 尚更, which also sports that 更 character, means what it means: all the more.

なおさら is a standalone phrase and can pretty much appear at any point in a sentence. It commonly appears after conjunctions that connect two clauses, such as “ から、 “ and “ と、 “

Asagohan o tabewasuretakara, naosara gudaguda dayo.
I forgot to eat breakfast today, so I’m feeling all the more exhausted.

Mite wa ikenai to iwareru to, naosara mitakunaru.
When you’re told not to look at something, it becomes all the more curious.

Party ga jyuubun suki da. Bijin ni sasowareru to, naosara ikitaiyo.
I love parties well enough as it is. If invited by a beautiful woman, I’d want to go all the more.

Hayaoki wa tsurai, yasumi no hi wa naosara da.
Waking up early in the morning is tough, all the more so if it’s on a day off.

Additional Example(s):
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Jishin wa fui ni kuru kara, naosara osoroshii.
Earthquakes are all the more frightening because they are occur without warning.

私は英語はしゃべれない. フランス語はなおさらだめだ。
Watashi wa eigo wa shaberenai. France-go wa naosara dame da.
I can’t speak English, much less French.

Kare wa gakumon mo nai ga keiken wa naosara nai.
He has no scholarship, much less experience.

Kanojo wa ketten ga aru node, naosara suki desu.
I like her all the better for her faults.

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