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White Family (SoftBank) CM #095. “Election Car” Japanese CM [with English subtitles]

White Family (SoftBank) CM #095. “Election Car” Japanese CM [with English subtitles]

“Election Car”


「いまの日本にいちばん必要な色は、ホワイトではないでしょうか? 白戸次郎は、ホワイトジャパンを目指します!」
The color that Japan needs right now is white, is it not? And it’s none other than candidate Shirato Jirou who is aiming for that White Japan!
A White Japan, unbound by-
Looks like there’s some newbie bow-wowing around about “White Japan” this, White Japan” that!
But can we really leave the fate of Japan in the hands of some bow-wow?
Ignore them.
Come! Let’s show everyone what we’re made of!
Transfer your family plan to SoftBank and your first ten months of basic service are free of charge!
That’s just advertising!
I’m sorry.
Please look forward to also counting on Shirato Jirou!
Don’t say “also!”
Someone’s being rather picky about such a small detail.
Well, excuse me.
Let’s draw out a brand new Japan from scratch on a clean slate of pure white paper!

The White Family (白戸家) is an advertising campaign by the Japanese multinational telecommunications and Internet corporation SoftBank Group Corp. which features a white Hokkaido inu, Otou-san, as the father of a household.

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