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White Family (SoftBank) CM #098. “Predominance” Japanese CM [with English subtitles]

White Family (SoftBank) CM #098. “Predominance” Japanese CM [with English subtitles]



We now bring you live to the Shirato Jirou office.
We are here at the assembly hall where Shirato Jirou’s supporters have gathered.
From what it seems, candidate Shirato Jirou is currently standing by for the official tally at his own home roughly 10 minutes from here.
Gathered here now are about one-hundred supporters from the local neighborhood.
With rumors of exit poll results declaring candidate Shirato’s landslide victory floating about, those present are eagerly waiting for the official tally.

The White Family (白戸家) is an advertising campaign by the Japanese multinational telecommunications and Internet corporation SoftBank Group Corp. which features a white Hokkaido inu, Otou-san, as the father of a household.

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