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The 3 Ways to Support Us:


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The third way to support us is by checking out our shop, where we have original posters, t-shirts, and more all made by our super special in-house design team (i.e. just me) that are either directly related to educational Japanese or are inspired by various Japanese aesthetics!


Financial Costs: 

$12/mo – Website Hosting

Work Input


Work Breakdown (Sorted by Curriculum):

Grammar lesson video: 1 hour lesson write-out + 30-40 minutes filming + 1 hour editing + 1 hour rendering = 3.5 hours total

Anime Vocabulary video: 1 hour looking through entire episode dialogue to select appropriate words to make into vocabulary list + 30 minutes video creation and editing + 30 minutes rendering = 2 hours total

Anime Line of the Day video: 30 minutes filming + 1 hour editing + 30-45 minutes rendering = 2 hours total